Aquarium Therapy

Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums

Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums

Our Ethos

Salt water tank with shrimp feeding from hand and yellow tang

Hallmarks of Aquarium Therapy’s service are integrity honesty, reliability, quality and respect. We find great satisfaction in knowing our customers are happy and contented with the service and the systems we supply, and we trust that this satisfaction is evident in a cheerful and friendly demeanour as we go about our business.

At Aquarium Therapy we love what we do. Our passion stems from the deep admiration and respect we have for nature, and for the natural systems that can be replicated and enjoyed in an aquarium. Given our passion, our aim is to provide aquarium systems that reflect this admiration and respect for nature. Our hope is that such aquariums will encourage and facilitate our clients to enjoy the same appreciation for the beauty in nature in our clients and their guests, and that the outcome of this appreciation would be a desire to care for, respect and conserve our planet.

Aquarium Therapy does not advocate destructive or wanton collection of ornamental tropical fish, plants and invertebrate life. Our conservation-friendly emphasis is twofold:

  1. With regards to supplying aquatic life we make every attempt to source livestock from aquaculture where possible, and sustainable, controlled collection where it is not.
  2. We advocate responsible, resourced and informed aquarium ownership to care for and where possible propagate aquatic livestock.

At Aquarium Therapy we do our utmost to supply our valued customers with only healthy, quality livestock.

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