Aquarium Therapy

Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums

Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums

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Salt water tank with corals

Aquarium Therapy provides exceptional Aquarium Displays in the form of:

By engaging our services to provide yourself with a stunning aquarium display, you are guaranteed to receive:

Our service covers coldwater, tropical freshwater and tropical marine aquariums. We specialise in Reef Aquariums in the marine area, and in densely planted aquariums in the tropical freshwater area. However we have also installed and maintained predator displays, Cichlid displays and Goldfish displays. Our experience extends to Australian Native fish (both tropical and temperate) and the breeding and raising of African and South American cichlids, including Discus.

We also provide a professional aquarium relocation service to move your aquatic pets with a minimum of fuss. Whether you are moving house, or simply relocating an aquarium within your home, Aquarium Therapy can assist you in making your move a safe, smooth and speedy one.

Aquarium Therapy has over twenty years experience in the aquarium hobby, including close to a decade of experience in the aquarium trade. Our business ethic is built on providing sound, honest, professional and friendly service of a calibre and quality that guarantees ongoing satisfaction for our clients.

Aquarium Therapy sources and supplies only the highest quality Aquarium Systems, Hardware and consumable products to install and care for our display aquariums.

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