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Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums

Exemplary Maintenance for Freshwater and Marine Aquariums


Andy Curren - Partner/ Manager - Restaurant

Freshwater tank with lush plants

“I had always envisaged our freshwater aquarium as being a lush planted display, but from inception the plants had not grown well, and we had continual problems with overrunning algae. Our aquarium maintenance man tried using algicide, but within seven days the aquarium always looked very green

From November 2010 until May 2012 Aquarium Therapy took on maintenance of our aquarium, implementing measures and equipment to maintain ecological balance and robust plant growth. During the time of their servicing, it was lush and vibrant, full of healthy, colourful plants and fish! Algae was a problem of yesterday, with the aquarium looking better after two weeks than it used to look after four days!

Even before Aquarium Therapy’s upgrade to our aquarium, customers used to comment positively about our aquarium. Following Aquarium Therapy's upgrade they absolutely loved it, and regularly told us how fabulous it looked!”

Roz Chow - Owner - House of Chow Restaurant

Salt water corals with clown fish

“For a long period of time we had great difficulty in keeping corals alive and healthy in our marine aquarium.

Aquarium Therapy took on a consultative role for our aquarium in late 2010, regularly testing the water and advising our staff as to measures to maintain greater balance and stability in the water.

Since [Aquarium Therapy’s] corrections have been made and the water quality has improved, our corals are now thriving and healthy. Sick and dying corals are coming back to life, and colour is springing up everywhere in our aquarium! Our regular customers are commenting on how fantastic it is looking!”

Dianne Peake – Administration Manager

Salt water tank with corals and light Freshwater plants Salt water tank and cabinet with bright corals

“We wanted a reef tank in our offices and didn’t know how to achieve this. We met Neville from Aquarium Therapy and have never looked back. His friendliness, knowledge, professionalism and dedication is a credit to him. We now have two beautiful reef tanks that never fail to amaze us and our clients with their beauty...”

Dr Alister Dickson - Prosthodontist, Victoria Park Specialist Centre

Freshwater plants looking lush with fish swimming Freshwater plants looking drab

"Since we established our freshwater aquarium a few years ago we have never been able to achieve the vibrant display we were aiming for and had often seen in specialist aquarium centres. Our aquarium maintenance company tried several things but our plants struggled and we experienced frequent algae outbreaks. Aquarium therapy assessed our aquarium a few months ago and implemented measures and a maintenance schedule which has transformed our tank. In a matter of weeks we had a fantastic looking aquarium with plenty of colourful thriving plants and fish! Our clients regularly now comment on how fantastic it looks and our staff are extremely impressed with its transformation."

John Romeo

Long tank with coral reef

“I tried keeping corals successfully in my marine tank but constantly met with frustration. Aquarium Therapy installed a reef tank for me last year, and they continue to take care of it. I am thrilled with the results. It is a beautiful system, and Aquarium Therapy do an excellent job of maintaining it. Their service when I have met with both hardware and livestock issues has been extremely helpful."

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